What do we need as a UK company to sell to companies in the U.S.


We have previously sold items retail to the US, but we are talking to a US company at the moment and I am trying to make sure I have everything to make this deal happen.

I have applied for a EORI number which I should have in the next few days. My understanding was that there was no other document or accreditation specific to exporting. We have all the documentation for our company and products. I have looked at U.S. labeling and packaging requirements and we are okay.

Am I missing anything?

Kind regards,

James Kavanagh


Hi James

As long as you have all the relevant FDA approval required for exporting to Usa.
you should be ok once you receive your eori no.
please let us know when you are ready to ship and we can quote you for sea or air.
if you just need to port or to arrival customers door we can help you
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Selling foodstuffs to the USA is not always easy, because imports of food and other products are controlled by the US Food & Drug Administration. They place a number of requirements on non-US sellers. These can include a need to register your business and / or the place of manufacture with the FDA and get an approval number.

You can find out more about these requirements by going to the EU Market Access Database: http://madb.europa.eu/madb/datasetPreviewFormIFpubli.htm?datacat_id=IF&from=publi
and insert the first 4 or 6 digits of your customs tariff code. You will see three columns of links to regulations – the column on the right relates specifically to your product type. You can also find more helpful information by reading the left hand column.


Good morning to you James

In response to your enquiry, you would firstly need to get clarification that the specific commodity / commodities you are shipping into the US do not require any special agreements.

As long as you have your EORI number, you can arrange export from the UK.

Something you may wish to consider for the future, if you want to sell to multiple buyers in the US, would be to register your company as an Importer of Record. This will enable you to take any US duties and taxes so that customers can purchase your goods without the complications of Customs formalities, effectively meaning trading with your company in the UK is as easy for them as trading with a US supplier. This should give you a commercial advantage.

We have experience in assisting clients in establishing their business in the US market. Please feel free to get in touch if you have any further questions. (Telephone Chris on 07926 279485 or email [email protected]).

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