What do i need to know to start selling our products in france


We are a trade only supplier of promotional fridge magnets that are based in the UK, we are looking at expanding this to selling to promotional sourcing companies in france, but dont know where to start, what do i need to know, where can i get advice on all aspects of this??


Hi Melanie

You will need translation at some point so we can help with that – when you’re ready just drop me a line.

Thanks, Nicola


Hi Melanie,

Correct me if I’m wrong, You need a representative in France who will generate orders from different businesses. You will then manufacture the magnets in the UK and send to the end user in France.

If this is the case we can assist in the process of finding suitable partners. We are also Oxfordshire based. I’d be happy to answer any more questions you might have.

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Another offer of a Translation Service which may or may not be of interest (!)
I lived and worked in France for 4 years so have a good working knowledge of French Business etiquette which may be of use to you.
There is an organistaion called UBIFRANCE which has around 20 offices in most "regions" with one or two staff whose objective is to help local companies develop their business. They are a usefeul contact over and above the usual chambr of commerce etc to generate fresh business.
In the UK Business Link are a good basic source of info.

Good Luck,

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