What do I need to export Indian spices to USA


What is the market size for Indian spices in USA. Also what licences and documentation do I need to export to USA aimed at the home user and restaurant trade


Hello Harjeet, I may not be able to assist directly but I have partner agents in the US that will be able to advise you, please send me an email to [email protected], let me know the area in the States you are looking to export to and I will put you in touch.


Hello Harjeet,

In the US, food products are regulated by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration).You will need to ensure that your products, packaging, and labelling all comply with FDA regulations, and you will need to ensure your food facilities are registered and inspected by the FDA as well. The FDA website is www.fda.gov

Unfortuantely I do not know off hand the exact market size for Indian spices in the USA.

Please let me know if you have any other questions regarding the food and drink sector in the US.



Harjeet, our Customs Broker in New York already imports spices directly from India.The manufacturer of the spices has to be registered with the FDA and the registration number has to be submitted to US Customs. Some spices do get examined. Best if you could advise the types of spices you intend to export and we can then check it out further with our US Customs Broker.

Hope this helps.

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