What can we use an ATA carnet for?


I am confused about how the ATA carnet can be used.

Is it only for goods that are carried by hand? The following link says it can be used for freight or hand-carried, but not post. Does sending things by courier count as post or as freight?



Hi Nicola

Thank you for your question and for sharing the link.

You may wish to contact Chamber International via telephone, Alison Holmes is the International Trade Procedures Manager at CI and will be able to help understand the process fully:

T: 01274 230073
E: alisonh@chamber-international.com

I hope this helps.

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Hi Nicola,

I have several client using the Carnet.

Regular post isn’t considered as a secure and traceable as using a courier therefore freight, courier and hand carry are the preferred options.

Hope that helps.

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Hi Nicola,

It may also be useful to know that you can apply online for your ATA Carnet using the e-z Cert website – www.e-zcert.com You will find a list of Chambers of Commerce who can issue the document when you register for an account. When applying you will also find help at each stage if you are unfamiliar with the boxes on an ATA Carnet.

Drop me a line if you need any further help.

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