What can one exhibit in North Korea and does one need a license?


What BIS’s new regulations do on North Korea, and how can one find out about BIS . EAR99 does this require a license for medicines as medicines are on the Commercial Control List (CCL) so does this mean that one needs a licence before exporting or reexporting to North Korea. The 16th Annual Trade Fair takes place in Pyongyang on 13-16th May, but all items with documentation have to go out by the end of January. So what legal documents are needed and do these have to translated into North Korean (NOT Korean). Would anyone know how to find out this information.


Ross, your question is slightly confusing since you refer to BIS, the Commercial Control List (CCL) and EAR99. Since you refer to the CCL and EAR99 then I can only asume from this context that you are asking about US export control legislation and referring to the US government organisation Bureau of Industry and Security (BIS). It’s important to get the context right!!

You should be aware that Open to Export is a UK based site. I work for the Export Control Organisation (ECO) part of the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS). In the UK controlled military and dual-use goods are controlled under the Export Control Act 2002 and the Export Control Order 2008. ECO is the UK’s strategic export licensing authority from whom you need to apply for a licence for military or dual-use goods. The lists include some chemicals.

You refer to medicines on the CCL. In the UK, medicines are controlled by the Medicines and Healthcare Regulatory Authority (MHRA).

Your first point of call if you are are UK based organisation should be to check if either 1. your items are listed on the UK Strategic Export Control Lists or 2. if they are not listed whether they are subject to End-Use Controls (if the goods are licensable by ECO). At the same time you should check on the export of controlled medicines with MHRA.

Guidance on UK strategic export control legislation is now published on www.gov.uk. This includes information about sanctions and arms embargoes on North Korea.

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