What basic price to quote for creating mobile apps for international clients


We are considering making a offer of creating apps “From $999 USD = £699 plus vat in UK we will create a personalized a mobile phone / device app for you.”

We are a small UK company with a team of developers whom produce apps, in all the formats, android, iphone, blackberry, etc.

What do you think of this price to grab attention?
Yours sincerely, Peter Murray

Computersoft Ltd


I would be interested. Send me details, Regards


To grab attention on a price depends on several factors as the country, the app’s values, competition….

At Comexfi Consulting we can help you to define an approach to establish an accurate price and we need to get further details. We are specialized in French, English, Spanish and Arabic speaking communities.
To help you with some tips, your price should be based on the knowledge of your competitors, your costs and obviously your clients (can they afford this? their knowledge…). Then to test 3 or 4 approaches based on cost, competition or demand.

I can help you with that so your price will be set on real and accurate data.



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