What automated systems for export are there?


Hello, I am looking to grow our exporting business. Presently we struggle mostly with the administration and the large amount of necessary forms for each transaction. We are exporting scrap metals and bulk via cargo ships and have to complete EU forms for instance the annex vii form along with many other forms. I am trying to understand if anyone knows of process of automation, perhaps a system, that helps automate some or all of these necessary shipping documents. So far my research hasn’t found anything that suggests that anything exists.


Hi Jonathan,

Thanks for your question. A really interesting one and I’ll be really interested to see what answers you receive.

In the meantime, our Delivery and Documentation goes into some aspects of the process in greater depth, and may be of use.


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Have you tried e-z Consign to manage your orders/documentation? Setup a free account at www.4-exim.com and compare the forms available to your requirements. I note that Annex vii is missing at present but we’re happy to consider adding it and any other forms.

You can use the same data to submit a HMRC export declaration and apply for certified documents via your local Chamber of Commerce, which could help to bring the efficiencies you are looking form.

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Hi Jonathan,

Have you come across our platform Kontainers?

Kontainers produces all the documentation you require for exporting your scrap products. The platform cleverly aggregates your details and generates your documents all online for you.

Not only that, you can get instant rates to over 300 ports, book your container online like you would a flight and then track your it’s progress 24/7 in real time.

It literally takes less than 5 minutes to book your container. Exporters all over the UK are saving around 80% of their time by using our platform.

Here is the link for the platform – www.kontainers.co.uk

I hope this helps you automate your export shipments.

If you need anymore information or would like to arrange a demonstration please do not hesitate to contact me on the below details.

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