what are the rules regarding export of second hand / vintage furniture to China?


Hi all

I like to ship some second hand/vintage furniture from UK to China (Shanghai & Beijing). I have done some research about regulation of import to China side, can’t find any thing about export from UK. Could anyone help me with this please?

Thank you very much!


Dear Li
My name is Chris Willers and I run an export services company called Access to Export Ltd based near Cambridge.
Firstly in order to export you will need to apply to HMRC for a EORI (Economic Operator Reference and Identification) number to identify you as a trader engaged in international trade. You will need to ensure correct export declarations are made made for each export to the National Export System (NES) to enable each export shipment to be processed and cleared for export. Further details can be found in customs notice 725 which can be downloaded from the HMRC web site using the following link
You will also need to ensure that the goods are correctly classified with the appropriate customs tariff code.
Another important aspect is you need to check whether you need an export licence and be fully compliant with UK Export Controls. You can use the link below to access details covering UK export controls and further information about Starting to Export https://www.gov.uk/starting-to-export
I hope this is of some assistance but if you would like further help further please feel free to contact directly either by e-mail chris@accesstoexport.com or by phone 01223 890767.

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Hi Chris

Thank you so much for your help, I meant to rate your response for 5 stars… I am new user of this site, thought I have to click each individual stars… sorry.

I will spend a bit time to digest the info you gave me, will definitely contact you if I need further help.

Thanks again
Li Rui


Hi Li
You are welcome.
I noticed I made a mistake with the customs notice I referred to in my response. The correct customs notice is number 275. The link I gave is the correct link for notice 275. Apologies.
Kind regards

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