What are the procedures for exporting meat to Brazil?



I own an UK based meat trade company.

I have clients in Brazil looking to purchase lamb meat from me (lamb cuts), I would like to supply them from our Spanish facility.

Apparently you have to obtain approval from the Brazilian authorities to be able to export meat.

I’ve been corresponding with some of them but haven’t had any clear guidance.

I would appreciate any help you can offer me or a step by step guide to exporting meat to Brazil.


In order to export meat to non-EU (‘third countries’) countries the UK must have approval from the Brazilian veterinary authorities to export meat. Products must have a veterinary export health certificate to accompany them to attest that they meet the requirements of the Brazilian veterinary authorities.

Unfortunately, the UK is currently not approved to export sheepmeat to Brazil and there is no export health certificate in place.

You can find further details about exporting to a third country on our website:

The International Meat Trade Association represents both importers and exporters of meat and is part of two industry-government working groups to improve market access for UK meat exporters. The groups work to prioritize markets where industry and government can focus resources to open new markets or expand current ones. This includes liaison with third country authorities and drafting of export health certificates.

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Katie Doherty
Policy & Development Executive
The International Meat Trade Association


Hi Katie

Thanks for your answer.
I’m working with spanish slaughterhouse. Do you know if spain is allowed to export sheepmeat meat to brazil?



Hi Karim,

You will need to contact the Spanish veterinary authorities to see if there is an Export Health Certificate available for Spain to export sheepmeat to Brazil.


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