What are the first steps towards getting AEO status?


As a business new to AEO status, what are the key steps I need to take in order to become member of the AEO?


I would suggest you start by looking at the C117 and C118, alongside the explanatory notes to establish what you need to do to meet AEO criteria. You will also need to decide if you apply for AEO-C, AEO-S or both. For AEO-C, you will be expected to have fully documented procedures to cover customs and supply chain activities, and a thorough approach to verifying the accuracy of customs declarations. For AEO-S, you will be expected to have a detailed security plan document, along with a comprehensive supply chain risk and threat assessment.

When you have addressed the requirements, a process which can take between 3 months – 2 years on average, you can then complete the application forms and submit them to HMRC in Nottingham.

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