What are the exporting basics I need to know regards my Scrap Metal business?


Dear Sir/Madam

It’s my honour and pleasure to write in regards with Scrap Metal business.

I live in London and want to start my export scrap metal business from the UK to India.
I am completely new to this business and have no information at all. I like to know how to thoroughly how to start this business I mean what documents should I required and the most important where to buy scrap?

What are the difficulties I can face as a new business owner and where to buy scrap in the UK? I have some family in India (Delhi).

Kindly provide me all the relevant information from the very beginning to the end for which I will be so grateful to you.

I will really appreciate your kind and prompt reply and will be thankful to you once again.

Kind Regards


Hi there,

Thanks for your question and I hope you get some answer for it.

Check out our Getting Started section for some ideas about starting the export process in general – our article on Understanding the Basics will be useful

Also, if you give more information about yourself and your company on your profile page, your question will attract more attention from our experts and will therefore be more likely to get some decent answers.




HI Faizan,

Were you able to get any info?

I am looking to start similar business and wanted to know if you can help with any info .



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