What are the European Commission "Known Consignor" regulations?


I recently sent a shipment to Europe and was asked for a KC and was told that this had become effective from the end of April. I was told that Air cargo shipments would only be safe if I had obtained the status of "officially accepted known Consignor". Otherwise the shippers endured delays and potential added costs.


Hi, dont think what you were told was quite right, or you may have misunderstood.
You dont "have" to be a known Consignor…while it is true that being one avoid some of the delays that affect some freight being exported (and also shows that you are taking care and have some stringent controls in place).. it really depends on who you are using to ship goods with….I am of course assuming that there isnt anything of a DG nature in your shipments.
For instance, small parcels (upto about 30 kilos) with the fast carriers, the likes of DHL, UPS and Fed Ex (and a number of others) would not be slowed down as they "scan" all goods anyway.
Being a known Consignor would allow your freight to potentialy travel on both passenger and freight planes as known goods and would remove the day or so delay of scanning and the addtional cost that a Freight Agent would charge for scanning the goods (about £5-£8 shipment…)

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