What are the different ways of finding European distributors



Our company specialises in authentic Indian spice kits.

We have 10 kits in our range. They are all gluten free and free from artificial flavours, colours and preservatives.

Currently, we are working with the Enterprise Europe Network and the UKTI to find distributors in Europe.

What other avenues can we explore?

We were thinking of distributing primarily in Ireland but we are open to other suggestions/advice.

Thank you.

Julia Latif


Hi Julia,

Thanks for your question. I hope you find any answers you receive here useful.

In the meantime, check out our recent webinar on using agents and distributors to work out how to get the most value from them – http://opentoexport.com/article/webinar-working-with-agents-and-distributors/

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our core business is matching businesses like yours with potential distributors or clients overseas. Its something we have been doing for 16 years now, and we have offices across Europe. The work is carried our on your behalf locally, in the local language and business culture, while you have one point of contact here in the UK at our office.
The process is cost effective and proven. As part of the evaluation we can guide you along to the optimum channels and routes to market, until we make the appointments with you with potential customers. In these we can join you if you wish, or leave you to your own spices (pun intended).
For more information on our services and likely costs or to arrange an informal chat, please mail us at info@exporttogroup.com for the attention of Simon Johnson. if we can’t help you, and I see no reason yet why we couldn’t, I am sure we know someone who can
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Hi Julia
This is a regular question of how to find distributors and you will find previous answers on here as well. Some suggestions –
Trade shows. Exhibiting your products and getting enquiries is one way. However you must be prepared to have the resources to follow up all the leads.
If they are close by markets in europe then get a cheap flight,cheap hotel and go and visit them and see whether they suit your business. If you are new to exporting you will see with your own eyes, the like for like competitor prices, like for like local producers, and the cultures. Especially when it comes to food items.
You can tap into Chamber of Commerces of your targeted countries (you can’t scattergun the world unless you are really big).
You can use your trade association.
Tap into European Enterprise Network – they have loads of leads ( that again need the resource to follow up).
I also suggest looking at other food company websites with non- competitive products.
They normally list their distributors . it gives you an insight into who the other players / distributors are in your targeted markets.
If you need more on this then don’t hesitate to contact me.
Good luck !

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