What are the chances of a small Management Consultancy securing opportunities in the UAE


After the email I received today – I was wondering about those of us who “sell” expertise”.
Coaching Mentoring – and Business Advice.
We generally do not have cash laying around to invest.

Ours is an opportunity for the Country to “Invest” in us. To that end allow the opportunity to showcase our Services.


Hi Gordon,

I’m glad the newsletter article prompted you to think about opportunities in the UAE and I’m sorry you’ve not had any responses from the community – the forum tends to work better when you are after advice on a specific topic.

I just wondered if you have been in touch with the British Centre for Business out in UAE – it’s a joint UKTI, British Chamber of Commerce venture to help businesses into local markets there and i’d imagine they would be well placed to give you some initial feedback on the opportunity for your type of business and how best to approach that region.

Their website is http://www.bcbuae.com/

Hope that helps a little and don’t hesitate to get back in touch if you have any further questions on this or other markets.

Matthew, Open to Export

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