We have provided a rented freezer for B2B use in Italy.The client is requesting a manual in the Italian language as a legal requirement. Is this correct ?


Customer has quoted The legislative Decree of 6 September 2005, n. 2006 as relevant, and Please inform the supplier of the freezer of its obbligations derving from the above referred legislative decree and of the possible administrative sanctions for it in the event of violation of its obligations


I can’t comment on the legal requirements, but if the manual needs to be translated we can certainly help! As a general rule it would be best practice to provide it in the local language if you are intending to trade in Italy irrespective of any legal obligations.


Good afternoon. your local Enterprise Europe Network (EEN) team in the North west can help you with this enquiry as they are connected with the local EEN offices in Italy and can check with them what is the legal position. I would think, from a similar recent case with an exporter to France, that Italy has issued more restricting rules than the EU specifies and you will need to oblige. You can contact your local EEN at http://www.eenw.org/contact/ and telephone 0844 259 8571

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