We have developed some new transformers for PoE (Power over Ethernet)


We would like to make contact with HD camera companies, router manufactrers who are interested in offering to add this facility to their products which enable the standard catagory 5 Ethernet cable to provide both power and data down the same cable.


Hi Trevor,

Is there a particular country which you are keen to make those contacts in?

(I know you are already working with UKTI on your export strategy but it could help other Open to Export contributors get a feel for your requirements).

p.s For a wide ranging, initial heads up on finding companies I often use www.kompass.com

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This is a good question. It would however be useful to know whether you have targeted any key names/potential customers already. For example I am assuming you are targeting manufacturers of wireless security and surveillance equipment that might include IP cameras as well as the traditional router manufacturers. If that is the case, you might have a target list already and then I am sure it might be possible to help identify key R&D departments and contacts of those companies through UKTI.

Feel free to get in touch with Stephen in the response above or myself, and I am sure we can home in better on how UKTI can help you opening some doors overseas.

Best regards

Nitin Dahad

Export Action Plan