We have been asked to quote for engineering work in Norway what approval do I need?


We have been asked to quote for engineering repairs work in Norway, as a UK Limited company what authorisation / legislation do we need to obtain in order to do this?


Good afternoon, I would need some additional information to see if I can help. what type of work are we talking about? are you sending staff there are they your employees or will they be contractors (UK or Norwegian)? how long for? what kind of activities will the work involve? if you could give me or my team a call it would be great. 0845 641 9955 (option 2)
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Hi, We work with many UK engineering companies supplying to Norway. You can find the last trade delegation (last week) that we took to Norway here: http://www.norway2uk.com/webapp/event/no/4/. With respect to standards please look at this website: www.standards.no and in particular focus on Norsok. If you are supplying to a Norwegian Engineering company we fin that they are very helpful and tend to work collaboratively, which is quite refreshing.

If you want more work from Norway please become a member of the UK Supply Chain: http://www.norway2uk.com/webapp/

Feel free to call if necessary 0191 645 1248


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