We have a confectionery brand that sells well in the UK and we’re interested in exporting it. Which would be the best (easiest) country to try first?


Our product is already in Europe via a wholesaler in the UK and also via branches of a UK based retailer but this is a small aspect of our entire distribution.


HI Elaine, Great to know that you’re looking to export your confectionary brand. If you are not already aware of Uk Trade & Investment then I would recommend that you make contact with them and look at www.ukti.gov.uk Locally to SY1 UKTI are based at the Shropshire Chamber of Commerce – The Shropshire International Trade team at the Chamber also lead for the Food and Drink Sector in the West Midlands which would no doubt suit your sector.

Shernel Stevenson, UKTI International Trade Adviser and Leadon the Food & Drink sector can be located on s.stevenson@uktiwm.co.uk – Good Luck with it.


Hello Elaine

UK confectionery brands are sought after by international buyers.

One excellent place to meet the confectionery world is at the ISM trade show which next takes place in Cologne, Germany, from 26-29 January 2014. Around 60 UK confectioners regularly exhibit at the show and it attracts a strong audience of world buyers. We run the UK group and would be happy to explore if taking a stand would be a good fit with your strategy.

Let me know if this might be of interest. Alternatively, contact us to discuss how FDEA can offer insights and guidance on reviewing the markets with best potential for you.


Hi Elaine,

Your question is an interesting one. Rather than think of best/easiest country, have you thought about conducting research, having a look at existing research to help understand how well your product would potentially lift off in an overseas country? Wherever you may want to launch, I suspect you would want to understand how your brand/product would likely be received or perhaps gather some intelligence to understand how best to maximise the selling power of your confectionery brand in a different country.

For example confectionery world market leader – Mars Wrigley – has a strong presence in North America, but is weaker in Scandinavia and parts of Asia and South America. Different strategies would be utilised for different countries in order to best reach the target consumer of each country.

I hope this is useful.

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