We export motorcycle components overseas and are being pulled into new countries but need help


We are being held back from providing access to three countries who want to buy our products because we cannot get country specific websites ready for them. We need funding for either the original (prohibitively expensive) software providers to work on developing the new sites for us, or support finding and overseeing the appointment of an appropriately skills PHP developer we can trust to work on our e-commerce system, which is critical to the business supporting our current exports to 13 countries.


Elaine –

We specialise in giving advice on how to structure your website and e-commerce system for international sales. Although there are hundreds of e-commerce systems out there, and many that are custom-built, there are only a few that will do the multicurrency and multilingual thing fully.

Please email me on hello@growglobal.com with the name of the website and I will take a look and give you a quick call later on today.

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Elaine – you haven’t mentioned which countries you are talking about, but in case it is one of them we work setting up e-commerce websites in China, inside of the firewall and providing a platform for sales within the PRC. Check our website (just in the middle of re-newing) at www.meridian-mkt.com and you can also see some client websites we have manage in China such as www.toles.com.cn which is for Legal English and Cambridge Legal training products.
If China is one of your markets then do call me, or email to brian.mclean@meridian-mkt.com
Direct – 0208 399 2112 or 07802 665616


Hi Elaine,
We are a translation company and have 4 separate versions of our own site, with separate in-country hosting. When we tendered for web developers, several wanted to sell us bespoke content management systems, and then sell us 4 licences, so 4 x the cost. We were able to get round this by building our site in WordPress, as it’s open source we were then only paying for our developer’s time, and not for multiple licences. I realise this is more tricky with an e-commerce site. It strikes me that you have four main options:
1) swallow hard and pay your current developers, if you like the current site and it works well for you this may be your only long term option.
2) You haven’t specified, but if the new sites need to be in different languages, you could examine the cost effectiveness of adding them to your current site. You will lose out in terms of geo-targeting, but the plus side is you benefit from your current domain authority. Its important that all key tags are translated, not just content, this is vital for SEO, and avoids the risk of being penalised for duplicate content. We are happy to quote on any aspect of translating your site.
3) Treat the new countries as completely separate to your current site, so you could then look at developing 1 – 3 new sites, and are not tied to your current developers.
4) You could consider other routes to market, e.g. can you try selling on Amazon, ebay, or another existing e-commerce platform in the target country? This can be a cheaper way to test the market, and trial a few products. Whether it will work for you will depend on your individual business, and buyer behaviour in the target countries.

Hope this helps

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