We are looking to start exporting genuine new vehicle parts to South Korea


We are looking to start exporting genuine new vehicle parts to South Korea.
We currently export to Thailand and Cambodia. are there any restrictions we should be aware of?
What is the best way to employ an agent, Salary vs commission only?


Dear Nigel

We’ve already exchanged views on the Korean market with your interest via Email and I shared some local contacts within the Korean market. There are not specific restrictions that you should be aware of but your local partner to be should be in a better position to advise more details when you export your parts into Korea.

Most common type of foreign car distribution channel is that foreign car makers appoint selected official local importers in Korea who carry out model registration and emission & noise test with local authorities. Due to the EU-Korea FTA 1.6% basic tariff is levied on imported cars from July 1 2013 and 0% to be levied from July 1 2014. The imported car market keeps growing in Korea, accounting for about 10% of the car market share. According to the industry, the number of imported cars has reached at over 890,000 this January (21% increase against last year).

Getting an agent or partner would be the best way to enter the market as language barriers still exists in Korea working with small companies. Most of agents representing foreign companies are commission based but branch offices and some local representation employ people.

Please feel free to contact me with your enquiry via my email account.


Jiyoung Lee/UKTI South Korea


Dear Nigel,

With regards to the shipping side, there are regularly LCL and FCL services to South Korea, along with door to door courier services depending on the size of the shipments. As advised above there are no restrictions, however an inspection certificate may sometimes be called for, for electrical equipment and machinery, as the exporter you should check and establish what is required by the importer piror to exporting as the pre-shipment inspection costs would be charged to you as the exporter. It may be that the vehicle parts do not require the certifcates , but it is something to be aware of. If I can be of further assistance or require a quotation please do not hesitate to contact me. Tel No. 01932 565225, email dplayfoot@rochardshipping.co.uk

Best regards


Good afternoon.

The market in South Korea is very strong at the moment.

If you require any further questions to your logistical operation please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Best regards.

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