We are looking to export grass cuttings in acrylic blocks to far east?


We have acrylic blocks with actual grass cuttings embedded from football grounds. looking to export to Far East .
Looking to see what restrictions there will be.



I would also second Pardeep’s comment – you definitely need to specify which individual countries you have in mind if you want to get any useful response.

Many countries have stringent rules which restrict the importation of any plant – based products; these are usuallyin place to prevent cross contamination of any diseases or parasites into indigenous species. Obviously your product is different, as the plant products (ie the grass) seem to be encased in an acrylic shell (if I understand your description). This should in theory protect against any contamination, but it might be difficult to get this point across to the Customs officials in a given country, so you might be at risk of delays to Customs clearance on any shipments. You need to get specific advice on the exact rules in place in each country.

You might seek advice from an experienced customs broker in the country you are planning to sell to – if you have a local UK freight forwarder, they may have a sister office or partner. You may also be able to get information from UK Trade & Investment, possibly through one of their commercial officers based in the target market. Visit their website: www.ukti.gov.uk to find suitable contacts.


Hi Martin

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Hi Martin,

Can you provide a little more detail?
What are blocks usually/potentially used for or what other material(s) they would replace?
What kind of grass?
What kind of acrylic?
Which specific countries are you interested in?



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