We are interested in selling garden products to the USA


We are in the Garden leisure industry and have a branded product which we have developed over 30 years, we have sold our item in to the USA through our website and have had good feedback, as a result of these feedback reports from our state side customers we are now interested in finding a way to sell / advertise / find an agent to help us to take the plunge.

Can you help


There will be a number of different things to take into account which basically means you initially need to do some research.
USA is a vast country. There are 16000 independent garden centres in USA but I suppose you could target the Top 10 in value which covers about 150 outlets. Are you going to ship direct to each from UK or are you going to use a 3rd party drop ship company? Do you have an export price that allows a margin for a distributor ? or just an agent? The consumer price needs to get close to what you sell on line otherwise the retailers themselves won’t buy from you. Will you need to change your labelling (sorry I can’t see a link to look at your products).
You could use UKTI to do some research for you, and give you some general export advice
https://www.gov.uk/government/collections/uk-trade-and-investment-services-for-exporters. They will not charge you for their advice and may cover costs of some parts of the research.
On the other hand you can use some of the independent companies on this website, who are actively involved in exporting and are experiencing day to day opportunities, but they will charge.
I am happy to have a no obligations chat to put you on the right starting path.



We have helped a large number of our UK clients promote their e-Commerce websites and products abroad with US focused Digital Marketing campaigns to which I will be happy to speak to you about and offer some free advice if you are seeking this form of information. Unfortunately I cannot see a link to your website or a link to your profile but please feel free to contact me direct or a member of our team using my profile here or our company profile (Promodo) on Open to Export.

I agree with Gillio who posted before me that the UKTI can supply you very valuable information when exporting, we are also a member of the new UKTI e-Exporting programme to help UK businesses promote their products to new international markets which I will be happy to source the right person for you to talk too.

Look forward to speaking with you shortly



Hi there

I am a Kent based international Trade Adviser for UK Trade and Investment. We have already been referenced in the previous responses. If you would like to contact me to find out about our export support services, by all means contact me on 07740 611218 and we can have an initial chat.

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Roger Figg

Export Action Plan