We are a manufacturer of furniture for schools and colleges and are looking for export opportunities across the UAE and ME region. Any assistance on where to start gratefully recieved


We manufacture a large range of furniture for schools and colleges, offices and accommodation premises. We also undertake contract manufacturing in timber, MFC, MDF and timber based products. We believe there is great demand for our type of products in many areas but specifically in the UAE and ME. If anyone has useful contacts and can assist with eventual logistic issues I would be extremely grateful.


Hi Aaron,

We can certainly assist with your logistics needs to the entire ME region, we have good rates to all the ports and partner agents on the ground in all the ME states. The main thing with that area is to make sure your documents are straight, your Commercial invoices will almost certainly need to be certified and you will also need to arrange some form of Certificate of Origin – both of these can be done with your local chamber of commerce or you ask the freight company you appoint to arrange the same. If you would like some indicatiive cost of shipping I would be happy to help – please email me at james@mercatorcargo.co.uk.



Dear Aaron,

As with the reply from James we are a global Freight Forwarder based in the UK that can assist with any logistics needs you have (including UK distribution).

It might be worth you getting in touch with an advisor from UKTI. They offer some excellent free advice on any new overseas markets you might be looking to get into and you can also get much more detailed paid for, bespoke information from their representatives within the target markets that is very reasonably priced.

Good luck!



Hello Geoff,

We have an associate based in Dubai who serves the ME region, assisting in the the best way to enter the market. I’d would be happy to discuss further to better understand your requirements.


James.behan@reneport.com or 02084324676

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