Ways of entry into US market for B2B consulting


I would like to know more about the ways to entry in the US market, depending on States, and specially for the B2B in Consulting.

This question was asked as part of the ‘Beyond the EU: Opportunities in North America’ webinar. You can find a recording of the webinar here at:



Hi Sonia

Many thanks for your interest in the webinar we animated, and for your question, which is a bit complicated to answer.
Indeed, there many ways to get into the US market for a B2B consulting service provider, depending on the type of consulting work you provide and which state you wish to provide services in.
I suggest we discuss on the phone your consulting services and how to establish a presence in the US. Please fill out the survey at https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/UKEXPORT; we will contact you back to discuss further (free of charge).

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Pierre Boesinger


Hi, Sonia.

There are various routes B2B companies can take to access the US market, it’s a case of finding a single route or a combination of routes that work for you.

From a marketing perspective, Export Worldwide – www.exportworldwide.com – is a useful platform for B2B services to reach US audiences.

I’d recommend reading two articles that we produced for Open to Export on the routes you can take:



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