want to export laptops computers from uk to pakistan and i want to send 100 laptops for start


make i want to send dell, sony ,accer.


Hi, We may be able to help by finding potential buyers in Pakistan. Can we get together?


Hi, There is no problem handling this type of shipment. Are they new or used?

I can put you in contact with my office in Pakistan and within our network we can help to guide you.


Glenn Hayes Glenn@embassyfreight.co.uk


Hi there,

Thanks for posting your query.

Can you please elaborate on what assistance or information you require? You may wish to know that Pakistan is a price conscious market and I would suggest you to take due diligence and market research before taking this forward. Working with a local partner could be one of the options to export from the UK.

Let me know how I could assist? Also visit our website www.ukti.gov.uk for information on UKTI Services and to locate your regional UKTI office for assistance.

Warm regards

Jason Mumtaz
Trade & Investment Manager
British High Commission

Export Action Plan