W8 Form completion for exporting to US


We have just rec’d our first order for American tow tractor axles from our customer in Atlanta – TUG.

TUG have asked us for our W8 form. I have looked on the interweb and its all very confusing.

Could someone assist me with what I need to do ?


Hello Rob,
Can you please clarify your terms of sale?

This form is applicable if you are going to receive some ‘benefit’ i.e. money from the items once they are in US. This could be annual royalties or something like that.

Is your company US owned or registered?



Hi Rob, as per Susan’s response please confirm your terms of sale. If you need assistance we are an experienced freight forwarding company in dealing with export to the US and we have reliable partners throughout the US – I would be happy to quote you for shipping if required. You can contact me on 02392 756575 or james@mercatorcargo.co.uk
Thanks and best of luck


Hi – yes we are a UK owned and UK registered firm with no partners living in the US or anyone working in the US. Our terms of sale are Ex-works Coventry UK. We are simply selling batches of axles to a US registered and owned company on a 30day credit term.
Our customer insists we have to complete a W-8BEN form. The W-8 form seems to be all about Income Tax.

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