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I’ve read many questions & replies regarding VAT to non EU. But just want to clarify a little further.

I am aware of zero rating the VAT, does this also apply to the service charges I’ve done for an order, such as documentations fees and freight forwarding’s?



Dear Ken,

As the export is outside the EU it should be zero rated as you are already aware. Your freight and charges invoice from your freight forwader should be / would be zero rated for VAT as export is outside of the EU.

The invoice from the Chamber for Certs of Origin, etc, would have VAT charged at 20%, and assuming your compnay is VAT registered, you would claim the VAT back in your quarterly return and not charge it to your client.
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Much appreciated for the quick and useful answer.



Dear Ken,

My pleasure, happy to help, please feel free to contact me directly on any future enquiries you may have, we are experienced in handling and exporting foodstuffs and do so regularly for many of our clients.

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