VAT refund on goods for export


My client has bought and paid for some locomotive components which are going for export to Hungary. They have been charged VAT by the supplier, and we want to know what documentation they need to produce to enable the supplier to refund the UK VAT content of the invoice.
Thanks in advance


If you are registered for VAT, & the supplier a UK company, just present claim back the VAT on your quarterly VAT return



VAT on goods traded between Member States is not collected at the frontier. The way VAT is accounted for on intra-EC supplies largely depends on whether the recipient of the supplies is registered for VAT in the Member State of arrival.
There are two notices you would have to obtain from the HMRC helpline on 0845 010 9000
is Notice 725 The Single Market, and the other is Notice 703 VAT Export of goods from the
UK for further information of PROOF OF EXPORT. This can be offset against your VAT payments if your business is VAT registered.
The above helpline should be able to assist you further as the VAT registration for Hungary has recently changed.
Also try esourcing Wiki as it will have the necessary data and information for invoice
creation and tax reclamation.
There are other sources on the net on doing business with Hungary that may able to assist you further.

I hope this is of some use to you.


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