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I have received an enquiry from a UK company who have been approached by a company in Benin. They would like to validate the companies credentials and if possible obtain some financial information. Does anyone know of any organisations / agencies that can provide this service.


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You may find some direction in this article posted by community member Barclays:

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Can you confirm whether you are referring to Benin in Nigeria or the Republic of Benin.

In both instances, we can assist. We are qualified to practice in Nigeria and can handle this for you directly. In terms of the Republic of Benin, we can instruct lawyers and deal with it on your behalf.


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Hi Keiran

If you are talking about Bennin in Nigeria, my agents are the Nigerian governments approved agents and the daughter of Kofi Annan is president so if anyone can find out information on a potential client my agents certainly can. They have a thorough vetting service for this and if you email me the Bennin company details I will get them government checked. There is no cost for this service obviously.

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