Unclear info on Gov.uk about Eori number on exports


I was looking at the requirements for exports goods outside UK/EU.

In this guidance on Gov.uk (https://www.gov.uk/guidance/vat-exports-dispatches-and-supplying-goods-abroad) it says that :
“You will need an EORI number even if you only occasionally export goods outside of the EU” however I was reading Notice 703 (https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/vat-notice-703-export-of-goods-from-the-uk/vat-notice-703-export-of-goods-from-the-uk#proof-of-export) and there is no mention about EORI number requirement.

Therefore which one should a business follow? What if the delivery is for small goods via post office or Parcelforce, is a EORI required? Does it have to register with NES too for the export documentation?

I hope someone clarifies this as the website Gov.uk is misleading.



Hi – the EORI is nothing to do with the VAT number although in the UK we use the same format. The Economic Operator Registered Identification number is used by the UK and the European Commission as a register of all companies trading internationally whether that is with exports or imports.

An EORI is not required if you only trade domestically or within the internal market of the EU.

A VAT number is required for domestic and EU trade and recommended at import.


Thank you for the reply. We are planning to trade outside the EU and therefore I need to know the various procedures required and if we need to request a EORI number or not.

Does anyone know?

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