Uk Trademark on Packaging


Hi, i will be exporting to a few EU countries, and have a registered trademark of my brand name and logo.

If i put this on my packaging, will it have any repercussions in any country in the EU


HI, it really depends on where you have already got trade mark protection and if you have TM protection within the countries you are / plan to exporting to, and those on route.

If you have a UK only TM (as is likely to be the case) then you only have TM protection within the UK. You will have no protection, at all, within Europe or anywhere else in the world.

You can extend your TM to European countries either via something called the Madrid Agreement or through the European TM office (called OHIM which is based in Spain). You can get free advice on both from the UK IPO using the free phone number 03003002000.

The big risk is that others might see – and then register ‘your’ TM before you do; as it’s a first to file system that is allowed.

Hope that helps


Hi thanks so much for the advice. I have still included that the my brand is TM’d in the UK, even though it will be sold in Europe, hope thats ok


Hi Wasim
You can also try the help desk at Enterprise Europe Network

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