UK Tariff Codes for exporting of pre-used vehicle gearboxes


Where to locate the correct UK export tariff codes for the above.



You have a couple of options:
1) Lookup the tariff code yourself on the Gov website here –
2) Call the HMRC Tariff Classification Service on 01702 366077 (you can read about it here )

Hope this helps.
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Good Morning Bob,

Your tariff codes for this will be: 8708 4050 00
We export these for a company ourselves to the middle east and this is the code
we use.

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Hi Bob

The tariff code i havecgiven you above is correct, there is no need to check on the HMRC sites. The heading 8708 covers Motor Vehicles Parts and Accessories both New and Used.
8708 4050 00 covers Gear boxes and parts.

We cover all customs docs for our clients free of charge, our rates to and from every major port around the World are very competitive, If i can offer you freight services Door to Door meaning we do everything for you then please drop me a email and i will be glad to assist.

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