UK government VET education value proposition


I need some qualitative and quantitative evidence to help me sell and include in my leaflet:

1. Great Britain is the top 2 country in entrepreneurship according to Ernst and Young 2013 G20 entrepreneurship barometer. Is there another government report supporting this recent finding.

2. What is Great Britain business support services experience. What is GB’s value proposition?

Thank you for your help.


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Your question intrigued me so after a few hours of light reading I have found the following governmental reports which should be useful:

The above reports contain many points which could be used to support the findings of the Ernst and Young 2013 G20 entrepreneurship barometer.

BIS & UKTI are tasked with the overall business development of the UK, you can read through all of the BIS reports on entrepreneurship here:

The British Chamber of Commerce network is the support system in the UK for SME’s, you can read the BCCs quarterly economic reports here:

I hope this helps and good luck with selling Brand GB & your leaflet.

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