UK Food Exports to UAE


We have taken an order for £90K worth of product from a UAE customer. Before we ship this I need to ensure we have all the correct certification in place.

Would someone be able to advise what certification is required for food products from the UK to UAE?

These are chicken, beef and soya protein based ambient ready meals.

Many thanks,
Mike Webb
Natural Sports Nutrition


Hi Mike
You will require usual health and hygiene certs to export and you will need a certificate of origin. We can do this for you and arrange the shipping as wellk as UAE is our specialist marjket.
If you email me allk the details I willk be glad to assist you.
Best Regards
Ian Robery
STI Global Logistics Ltd


Hi Mike

There are a number of hoops to jump through for UAE. Can you send me an ingredients list and let me know if the products have already been imported in to UAE or if you or the importer have already registered it with the Municipal Authority? My email address is I will then contact my agents in UAE and ask them what customs authorities will require.



Hi Mike, alongside any certification, you will need packaging translated into Arabic, we specialise in food label translation, and can help in this respect if needed. Arabic script corrupts in the standard versions of most design programmes, so it is also important to ensure that it displays correctly when typeset, it needs to be set using the Middle Eastern version of your chosen design programme.

Another issue to consider with meat based ready meals is whether they are Halaal, and can be declared as such, this will be vital to successful sale in an Islamic State. Do you have access to specialist food labelling compliance advice? This isn’t a service we offer directly, but we work with several food compliance companies if you need help in this respect.

Hope this helps

Kindest regards

Mike Hunter
CEO Ltd.

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