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My company has been operating in the UK for 9 Years. We are members of one of the UKs biggest buying groups for independant wholesalers. We would like to begin expanding our business through exports of FMCG such as food and drink items to various countries. Any initial advise would be much appreciated.


Jas –

Great to hear that you’re looking to export further afield.

UKTI offers a service called the Export Communications Review which can help you to optimise your website for international trade, making you visible in search engines in other countries. This will help you to generate new leads online or help you sell more with an e-commerce site.

To find out more, take a look at under Services or send us a message on [email protected].

Good luck with your international plans!


Hi Jas,

From a practical point of view of shipping the goods it depends what you are looking to move, any meat/diary/fish content, will it need to be refridgerated during transport, any alocohol etc. If you would like me to take a bit more of a detailed view of what you are planning then please pop me an email to [email protected] we have partner offices in over 90 countries so i can also find out what if any local requirements need to be met in those 90 areas.



Hi Jas,
I work for UKTI, the main organisation for Exports in the UK, Government led.
I will be able to help in many ways. Personally, i dela with companies with turnover above £25M but i can suggest names of people to contact within the region and in the varies Embassies abroad.
If you like, view my profile and get in contact for further info.
Kind regards

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