UK e-commerce business expanding into US



I have online shop based in UK selling push scooters.

I’d like to start selling this on US market as well without physical presence in US (this is planning when selling is growing).

I found that I don’t need charge VAT and probably not any import duty. Is this means I can just start offer also my products on my websites (use select country) and just when customer buy one sell it and ship it?

Please advice if it’s so easy?!


I would strongly advise you speak to your insurance company about selling in the USA if they don’t already know, and be prepared for the cost to increase if you do sell over there.



What you have stated is pretty much it, selling on Amazon or eBay US market places is a great way to start exporting. It will allow you to remain in control of your brand test this international market place and if you can convert the GBP price straight in to USD the 20% additional margin should more than cover the shipping.

Once you have established there is demand for your product, negotiations with a distributor are very much on your footing rather than theirs. At this stage you have already established demand, built up a customer list that you own and control and remain in control of your brand.

We help many online business through out Europe ship their goods direct to US consumers through the United States, if you require any further information then do drop me line

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Dear Roman
If we can be of help in the exporting of your scooters on the freight
side of things especially to USA and Canada we would be pleased
to try to help, Please ring us directly on 01263 513127 or email
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Colin : Crown Freight Consultants Ltd

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