UK company, exporting directly from Tanzania to India



We are a new business in agricultural market based in the UK. We are looking to buy some agricultural produce (Pigeon peas) from tanzania and send them to india. So basically we are looking to export from Tanzania to India. However, we do not have any export licenses or company setup tanzania. So we are looking for someone who could help us out with this, and take a small commission. or is there any other way that anyone can suggest.

thanks a lot.


The need to set up a company in Tanzania will be determined predominantly by your longer term objectives. We would need further information to be able to assess whether incorporation is strictly necessary.

We work with a network of correspondent lawyers across Africa to provide business legal services. We may be able to assist once we have been able to assess your requirements and determine your objectives.

Call us on +44 (0)1482 616 616 or email: [email protected].


We are an International logistics company with experience of exporting from Tanzania and would be able to assist you in arranging your shipments to India.
We would like to discuss this in further detail with yourself. Please can you get in touch with us via email: [email protected] / telephone: 07926 279485


we need to have a contact in Tanzania so we can coordinate to have a business or export a Saudi’s products exported to Africa.

Hamid Otaif

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