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Hello all,

I am currently attempting to get our Micro brewery regestered for exports to the EU and for a bonded warehouse for beer to be bought in to the country as part of our distribution company.

I have previously worked and used EMCs and to some extent I have experienced the Chief system. This however was set up before I stared working for the previous company.

I am having problems applying for the Warehouse Keeper number and Warehouse number as both of the application forms require the others reg number. I.e you need a Warehouse keeper number to register a Warehouse and a Warehouse number to registered as a keeper.

I did try calling HMRC regarding this but it would appear I am the first person to have this problem. I was told to send my application with a covering letter explaining this but after the maximum processing time I have not heard back and all calls to HMRC appear to draw a blank.

If anyone has any experience in doing this it would be gratefully received. I have tried to contact the UKTI but they keep referencing me back to the HMRC notes.

Many thanks,

Black Jack Beers,


Hi Darcey,
I have some contacts who are members of a craft-brewery export group in the South West. They may have come across the same issue, and hopefully overcome it. Drop me an email at and I will see what I can find out.


I received this response from an existing warehouse keeper. Hope it’s useful but happy to help further if needed.
“The warehouse keeper number is given on the approval letter from HMRC when you get approval as a producer.”



Hi Darcey
I can put you contact with a Belgian based company who import and export beer globally. they can probably assist you. The company is called European Special Beers

Julian Chambers
Arbour Shipping Ltd.

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