UK based company importing from outside the EU directly to Germany


Good afternoon,

We’re a UK based company importing goods from outside the EU but realistically we’re acting as a broker and the parts need no modification or repackaging and can be delivered directly to our customer that is based in Germany. Therefore the entry for the goods is Germany, not the UK. It’s a waste of money to bring them to the UK to move them on again to Germany.

Right now the shipping agent is suggesting that we need to pay the 19% VAT in Germany. Obviously we are not registered as a company in Germany so I wondered if anyone knew how I could either defer the VAT charge or maybe get documentation so that I could claim the VAT back here in the UK?

Any help would be appreciated.

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Good afternoon.

Your goods as outlined above could be cleared under Fiscal Representation in Rotterdam and delivered directly to the client in Germany.

The VAT would be deferred via Intrastat.

If you would like any help or costings for moving goods this way, please get in touch.

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