Translating our packaging information for export



We will be exporting our products to Sweden, Denmark & Norway and would like to know if we are obliged to translate the headings and category words on our nutrition data table ? Or can we leave it in English?



Hi Sarah

i am not sure if you need to translate your headings etc, once you have that sorted we can help in exporting your goods to Sweden,Denmark and Norway.
please let us know if you need any help or quotes with your shipping

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Hi Sarah,

Good question as I know having to legally provide multiple language translations for food stuff leads to challenges when you don’t have a lot of space on your packaging!! Plus a sticker doesn’t always look aesthetically pleasing from a brand point of view and in some markets they won’t allow stickers either!

In all honesty whilst I have general knowledge in this area I can’t categorically say one way or another with your specific question if you do need these headings translating – BUT I would signpost you to the Enterprise Europe Network who deal with legislative matters free of charge for small companies. They can look into the legislation on food labelling and advise you accordingly.

Here is their website:

Get in touch with your local branch and see what they say!

Lots of luck with your ventures into the Nordic countries, I can understand perfectly how they would love your ethical Paleo brand!

And if you ever need any additional export support or advice then I’d be delighted to have a chat with you anytime.


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