Trading food in Poland, Germany and other CEE countries



We would like to trading in Food from the UK to other EU markets such as Poland, Germany or other CEE region countries.

We have are in touch with wolesaler who will assist us with wharehouse.

The plan looks like different producer will be sending products to the wharehouse and we will be conducting furhter orders to clients from EU markets (retailers/foodservice) as an independent export agent.

What kind of company we need to register to?

We need to some license or documents to export food (mostly ambietnt products – teas, confectionery etc)?

Second part of my questions list what about export beers?
I know that there is a reguletion to register via EMCS systems, do we need some more steps?

Lookng forward to your reply.


hi Aleksandra
If you have not been in touch with them before, and you are based in Poland, I would advise you contact my colleagues at Enterprise Europe Network (EEN) in your region in Poland. The list of Polish EEN offices is available here:
In terms of exporting beers to EU countries from Poland: the rules on excise on alcohol from Europe and for each country are available on this website:
(EEN can also help you research more specific information).
Having said this, it will also depend on your status as an export agent and the warehousing rules you have for the goods you ship in/out.
I hope this is useful,
Best wishes

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