Top five things for UK e-commerce site to consider before launching in China?



Hope you’re well.

I write for Courier, a London-based magazine that covers startups and modern business.

We’re featuring a piece on Lost My Name, a personalised children’s book startup that has recently launched in China, in our next issue. It sells its books through a website, and currently prints them in the UK and then ships them over to China.

Alongside that feature, we’d like to also include some contextual information about how small companies from the UK can launch their products in China.

Could you detail for me the top five things to bear in mind before launching in China, for a UK e-commerce site?

Could you also let me know about any UK startups that you know of who have had considerable success selling in China over the past 5 years?

Many thanks, and please do ask if you have any questions,


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