top end decorators rates and contracts in Europe


one of my clients is thinking of setting up as a top end decorator for the installation of very expensive type of wallpaper in Europe. He is worried about being out of pocket when dealing with designers.architects in EU countries and would like to know:
– if there is a market for this type of services in EU countries,
– how as a self employed business registered in the UK he would deal with the designers and architects in terms of contractual arrangements
– how much top end decorators services cost in EU countries, what are the rates they go for and what do they include in their contracts/quotes?

are there any decorators who could share their experience, operating in the EU?
thank you for your input.


Dear Mathilde,

Thanks for your question.

As you know, there are UKTI staff in the various British Embassies and Consulate Generals who can do research on your customer’s behalf. I think that the information about rates and if there is a market for the service will differ from market to market. It may be best for your customer to decide which market(s) they want to target first and commission the UKTI research through their local ITA.

More information on the market research service can be found here.

Hope that this helps.

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thanks Jennie yes the client was referred to UKTI and had a discussion about OMIS. At this stage however he is not yet in a position to commission market research and was interested in talking to other similar service providers about their experience and they way they have approached their business plan/costings.
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Hello Mathilde,

Just reading your post from June. I am quite involved with this market segment and may be able to help.
Feel free to contact me by e-mail:
Florence Deniel

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