Textile Exports to Russia from UK


We are looking to Export our product ( readymade garments ) to Russia and we are getting conflicting information with regards the documents we require to obtain Customs clearance in Russia.
We have been advise

1. We only need a Cert. Of Origin issued by the DTI?

2. We need a Cert. Of Origin issued by the Chamber Of Commerces plus a Declaration of Conformity or Certificate of Conformity.

Could someone please advise me what is the correct documents we require to obtain Customs Clearance in Russia i think its requirement number two but i would like someone to help me confirm the.


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Certificates of origin are no longer mandatory for EU shipments into russia. However the invoice must clearly state that the goods are of EU origin ideally naming the origin country.

Textiles that come into human contact must also be accomanied by a hygene certificate. (issued by SANEPIDMADZOR of russia) this needs to be obtained before a certificate of conformity is requested.

We recommend you contact SGS to be sure. http://www.sgs.com/

If you need any further information please contact Lynne Kimmings, one of our documentation specialists on the number below.


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You do however need a Certificate of Conformity from the Eurasian Customs Union (no longer Russia) as mentioned by Graham. We can organize these and the hygiene and other certificates in Russia. You should be careful about letting your import partner own the certificate as IP laws in Russia protect the distribution channel for the brand owner (i.e. certificate holder).


We should take the experience of shippers dealing with markets like Russia on a regular basis but just to add that via the online service e-z Cert (www.e-zCert.com) thousands of Certificates of Origin are issued by the UK chamber of commerce network to Russia for exports from the UK.
I believe your local chamber will be Manchester so you could seek their advise as well.
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