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Exporting fabrics from Italy for CMT to china upon completion exporting from China back to UK , I have heard you get get a temporary licence to save on import duty in China.
Who applies for this licence the factory in China ? Italy shipper or me?



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Dear Joan,
In response to your question we have checked with our China Agents and they in turn have spoken to some of their local import /export trading companies dealing in the same products and using pretty much the same means of shipping.

They have told us that if you want to import Fabric to china this way it is not a problem it goes in under a temporary Import and NO duty would apply so long as the exporter to the UK gives proof of Import / Export to China Customs after export leg has left (Normally a copy of both the Import B/L and Export B/L together with a copy of the Import and Export Customs entry).

The Consignee must however have a factory and if not already in possession of one must apply for an "Import Handbook" at their local China Customs Office, (If they are regularly bringing fabric into China for working then re exporting they will already know and have this in place) Once they get this handbook, they can start to import the fabric on a duty free basis.
My agents in China are ready an willing to assist your customer if need be. We are able here in the UK through our Italian Agents to ship your goods from Italy to China, and once ready re export the finished articles to the UK where we can customs clear and deliver to their ultimate destination.

If you require any further assistance please email me: irobery@stigl.co.uk

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