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We would like to ship products to the Falkland islands via a shipping company. What duty, paperwork and regs would we need to use/adhere to?


If you are shipping to the Falkland Islands from the UK all the normal customs procedures apply.

You will need an invoice with the sales value
You will need to select a tariff code for your product – see link
The duty payable in the Falkland Islands will depend on the product you intend to ship in combination with the product’s manufactured origin (as determined by customs rules).

You will need to decide what your delivery terms are e.g. FCA London. It is best to use INCOterms. This determines who pays what between seller and buyer. It does not determine the point where ownership transfers – that should be in your contract.

It is also advisable to take out transit insurance.

Without knowing what the product is that you intend to ship it is not possible to advise on possible additional regulations such as export licencing or approvals for food or cosmetic products.

If you would like to share a little more information I can give you more specific assistance.

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As Susan says to be more specific on documents required at import into the Falkland Islands we would need to know what type of goods you are shipping. But, in general it is advisable to supply a packing list to assist customs clearance which should contain marks, weights and dimensions, and content details. The invoice should include a full and accurate description of the goods (if textiles or chemicals, including the exact composition of the goods); first six digits of the commodity code (HS Code); transport details; weights and dimensions; value and currency of the supply including separate indication of additional costs such as freight and insurance; the shipping term (the Incoterms ® 2010 rule, eg FCA, CIP, DAP); country of origin; name and address of the manufacturer, including phone and fax numbers and e-mail address; and the full addresses of all parties concerned. In addition the Falkland Islands come under the Overseas Countries & Territories (OCT) agreement with the EU which means that if goods qualify under this agreement you may either issue an EUR1 Form or, for low-value consignments (up to £4720.00 agreed between the EU and the OCT based on EUR6000.00), make a preference statement on your invoice.


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