Supplier of Electrical Sheet CRNGO (Cold Rolled Non Grain Oriented)


I am looking for suppliers of Electrical Sheet – CRNGO (Cold Rolled Non Grain Oriented) in the UK or Europe. We would like direct contact from the manufacturer as opposed to intermediaries.


Dear Hari,

Thank you for your question.

Please could you specify which European markets you are considering?

There is a UKTI service which can help you find the suppliers you are looking for. It is UK SME’s and is the Overseas Market Introductory Service, (OMIS). UKTI has experts in the UK embassies and high commissions overseas who can do research on your behalf and look potential suppliers.

Can I suggest that you contact your local International Trade team? They will help you to commission the OMIS and also give advice on which European markets to go for.

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Jennie Rich

Export Action Plan