Subcontracting assembly in China


We produce controllers which go in a reflow oven.

Due to a fire in our workshop last year we are planning on outsourcing the assembly/manufacture of these controllers to China.

We found a manufacturing company who could put the boards together for us but we need to send them the components to put on the board.

What do we need to do to do this. For instance, do we need tariff codes, commodity codes, harmonisation codes, CR number, and/or an EORI number?


Details on starting to export can be found by following the attached link –

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Good morning.

In response to your enquiry, in order to export you will need an EORI number and Commercial Invoice for shipping purposes between your company and the manufacturer in China. You will also require a packing list showing number of packages, quantity and description of contents, package weights and dimensions and H.S codes.

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Please make sure that your IP is protected. I strongly recommend that you speak to the IPO office:

There have been some issues in the past of difficulties in retaining IP in China.

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