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We have a UK client, who opened their office in Bangalore.

They purchased Dell servers from us for their Indian office. We shipped them on Friday and customs have put an Export License query.

I check the following link on Friday to see if Dell storage server is on export control list or needing a license but it is not included in the list .

These servers are off the shelf Dell products and have not designed or modified for military use.

We are a very small company and this is the first time we sent something.

Please can someone help


Hi – I’m afraid it is possible that the computers need an export licence. Export controls are on two types of goods – 1 military and 2 high tech (commonly called dual-use). Dual-use items include goods that are encrypted and a lot of servers, routers and computers exceed the encryption level we can freely share globally. Though Dell may have no issue sending these items internationally you do need to check the export licence status of the goods and see if they exceed the encryption level we can export freely. The control section for this is in the EU Dual-Use controls Category 5A001 or 5A002. These controls capture Dell Servers, Cisco Routers, HP Proliant Servers among other – what we would assume – standard products. I can help further – contact me at


Hi Chandan,
I agree with Sandra on this re the export licence. However it should have been the responsibility of your freight forwarder to check with you to see if your goods required a licence prior to loading. It also depends on what customs tariff code they used for export.
If you can email me the details and copy entry I can find out exactly what they need and why. I am presuming the goods are on "STOP" and haven’t been exported. Your problem will be if customs do deem these as licenced goods they will not move out of customs control until you have a licence in place. This could take a while before you actually receive the licence and you will be liable for quay rent and demurrage on this plus with freight rates being unstable at present to India you could also incur additional charges there too. If you email m,e all the details I will gladly look at it for you.

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Firstly you need to go to
Then you need to contact the HMRC Tariff Classification Service Enquiry Line on
01702 366 077.
Look under Electronic Goods International Regulations. Regulations if you are importing or
exporting electronic goods including licensing certification safety and environment.
If you are in N1 then the Islington Chamber of Commerce and Trade are in Room 110 Islington Town Hall, Upper Street N1 2DU, and I think their number is 0207 527 2709, but it might be easier to go to and send them a message or join them and they will give you all the documentation and paper work you need regarding the Export License you require.
Bangalore is always difficult to do business with, so it is cheaper and more effective to go
through your local chamber of commerce and see how they can help you or if not see what they can suggest.

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