Starting out new to Importing / Exporting


I am interested in starting a carer in exporting and would like some information on how to get started, are you able to assist in any way?



Thanks for posting your question on Open to Export. Can you provide any more information about your business plans, or what you had in mind?

If you are able to provide a little more information, I am sure the community will be able to offer some support.


Hello there
Starting an Export/Import Business is quite challenging and you need to gather as much information as you can before you decide to go ahead. Have you got particular products in mind, do you know which overseas markets you will sell to, how will you sell to them (direct or using an agent/distributor. These questions are only the tip of an iceberg.
There is some free basic trainingg/information available on the following website which might give you a bit of an overview. They have been created by HMRC/UKTI and are good starting point
Good luck


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